Getting ready for the winter chill

As the cooler months are rolling in, now is the time to prepare your home for the winter chill. To ensure your home looks its best and is toasty and safe, we suggest the following jobs:

1. Remove weak tree branches which could become dangerous over the windy, winter months. Leaves have started to fall and will soon offer a perfect opportunity to access all areas of the garden to prune and tidy.


2. Clean out your gutters! A painful job but keeping on top of this can prevent costly blocked pipes or leakages.


3. Book a service call for your heating system to check that all is in working order. This not only keeps you safe, but also saves you money by ensuring that your system is working efficiently.


4. If possible, set heating temperatures for specific rooms; the laundry doesn’t need to be as warm as the family room for example. The price of energy is high so consider this wisely to save on heating costs.


5. Reverse your ceiling fans; hot air that has risen will be circulated back down to warm the room.


6. Check smoke alarms are all in working order.


7. Start airing the flannelette sheets and woolly blankets! Consider what you no longer need or want and donate to a local shelter such as the Wayside Chapel in Bondi or Matthew Talbot Hostel in Woolloomooloo.


All you need now is a delicious soup recipe and a good book – curl up on the sofa and enjoy your newly found cosy!