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Strengths & Positivity Quiz

In our household lately I watched my 17 year old study for his HSC trials; a body of work which spans two years yet he optimistically attempted to cover it all in the last 3 weeks. We call him Last Minute Luke (sorry Luke). Whilst it was not easy to watch I must admit he met himself over those days and probably learned more about what he was capable of than ever before in his life. You see stress is not always negative.

This got me thinking . . .

Being fascinated by humanness and how we express it, I love offering tips and tools to help others (and myself) live a well-balanced life – tools that are free so everyone can have access to them. Basically, we all want to live a meaningful and fulfilled life yeah?

Sometimes it is not that easy. Not everyone can afford to have their own Coach right? But there is quality knowledge and material available for free and I am committed to share and dare! Perspective shifters for times of overwhelm, or personal expansion.

Today I wanted to touch on something that empowers us all our “strengths and positivity”. We often get lost in the maelstrom of high intensity emotions and supersonic living insidiously diminishing our vitality. Now more than ever I want to offer you the chance to explore this for yourself.

“We Are Velcro For Bad Experiences And Teflon For The Good”. Dr Rick Hanson. Meaning we MUST try 5 times harder to remember the good experiences or else they just don’t stick.

We are all gifted with strengths. Knowing and understanding our strengths is very empowering.
The MyPlace team are always exploring new facets of ourselves (poor them I am always springing things on them). A recent exercise we explored was taking the VIA 24 Character Strengths Quiz by the University of Pennsylvania developed by the Positive Psychology Centre and Dr Martin E.P. Seligman founder. (google this man).

I was first introduced to the work of Martin Seligman during my studies with Neuroscientist Sarah McKay – Neuroscience for Longevity and Brain Health. Seligman suggests there are five building blocks that enable flourishing – Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment (PERMA™) – and there are techniques to increase each. Our team took the VIA 24 STRENGTHS CHARACTER QUIZ.

You will find this Quiz and many more like it such as Authentic Happiness Inventory, Optimism Test, Gratitude Survey, Grit Survey and many more on the link below. These quizzes are all based on Positive Psychology which is the scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive.


This is a great initiative to participate in with your family members. There is even a 24 Character Strengths Quiz for children. Similarly, why not promote cohesion and understanding with colleagues, teams and communities? Shared understandings can have wonderful affects between humans.
Our team really enjoyed understanding more about themselves and each other and some great conversations were had around the table.

Stay well and I’d love to know how you go. If you enjoy these tips you can review our 7 days of wellness project we put up over Covid.

As some of you may have noticed I have been hanging with John in the sales realm a bit lately. It has been wonderfully refreshing to get out and about and have some great conversations with you guys face to face. I hope to catch up with more of you as the weeks go on.

From my home to yours.

Sandra x

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