Improve the Value of your property from Home

Want to improve the value of your home?  Try these simple updates whilst you spend more time at home due to COVID19.  When you’re ready to sell, these updates will make your home so much more appealing to buyers.

1. First Impressions Count

Refresh front garden beds, trim shrubs/trees and tidy edging.

Fix a squeaky gate, clean out your gutters and wash hard services such as paths, window frames and walls. Be sure to evaluate the condition of exterior surfaces before heading out to hire a gurney – high pressure cleaning can sometimes cause damage.

2. Spring Clean

Clean out the pantry and other kitchen cupboards, scrub the bathroom tiles removing any traces of mould and air your wardrobes and linen cupboards.

Reassess what you need – this is the perfect moment to declutter your home. You may need to check which charity shops are open in your area, if you have items that they could sell. Check with your local council to see if they are still offering a rubbish collection service. Gumtree is still operating if you wish to sell or give anything away for free.

There’s nothing like a super clean and organised home. It will smell fresher and make you feel great.

3. Paint

Paint provides the most budget friendly and easiest transformation when a major impact is required.

If you are thinking about selling in the near future, chose a neutral or light colour. This helps maximise light and allows for all interior styles to work within the colour scheme. If your home needs a little more interest or definition, paint a feature wall to suit your own style or investigate what is currently on trend.

4. Let your light shine

Clean your windows. This makes such a difference to the light entering your home and gives a general feeling of cleanliness.

Consider your window coverings. Curtains may need a dry clean or you may need to replace blinds.  Blinds can be purchased at a surprisingly small cost online if you are prepared to install yourself.  Measure carefully if ordering online and request fabric samples before committing.

5. Refresh the deck

Thoroughly clean the deck and then apply your choice of finish. If it’s been a while since you last refreshed your deck, you may need to give it a light sand first.

With winter approaching, a little bit of attention now will provide protection from wet weather. Timber that looks well cared for will appeal greatly to potential buyers.

6. Garden wonderland

Pull out the weeds, mow the lawn, trim shrubs/trees and tidy/mulch flowerbeds. It’s also worth checking that all garden taps are in good order with no leaks.