Sales are from Mars Property Managers are from Venus

It used to be the case that in a traditional real estate office the Property Management Department was the long lost cousin, the afterthought, the ones that got to sit next to the bathroom.  Property Management was often situated in the worst place in the office whilst the Sales Division sat proudly front and centre.  “Quickly lets run past the Property Managers . .  there’s bound to be an issue or some bad news” was all too often muttered internally as the Principal and/or Sales Agents would run past chameleon like as they frantically sought the safety of their own tribe. 

Let’s pause for reflection a moment . . . We all know it can often be difficult being the middle man, the go between, the deliverer of bad news.  Dealing with challenging situations regularly is part of the job of a Property Management Team.  It is certainly not for the faint hearted and often Property Managers get little or no recognition for the work that they do.  It is certainly a role that requires high level communication and high energy, which can often be challenging to maintain, in the pursuit of the win/win solution focussed utopia that we are constantly striving to achieve.

At MyPlace we treasure our Property Management Department.  We are very proud of the service they provide and know that everything they do is to better the experience of our clients.  Property Management at MyPlace is at the cutting edge of our business.  We invest in our people and our systems.  We do shiny too you know! Our brochures, our online subscriptions, our internal systems and CRM’s are all as good as our sales counterparts.  We never take the huge responsibility that is Property Management lightly especially when there are very substantial obligations inherent in what we do not to mention the expectations of our clients.

My message today is to congratulate all property managers everywhere who strive for excellence.  The quiet achievers, the fixer up-ers, the go-betweens.  Stand up and be proud.  We salute you whoever and wherever you are!

I would finally like to recognise our own Property Management Team Jennifer, Kylie Linda, Nelson, Susan and Liz with whom I work shoulder to shoulder with every day.  I am constantly surprised and not a little bit astounded with your dedication, commitment and un-wavering determination.  Thank you!

Three cheers for Property Management – It’s time to shine!