Selling in 2020

If you are planning to sell, get an accurate price appraisal from an experienced agent with local knowledge. On-line versions are a helpful guide, but they do not offer the accuracy of an agent. Your agent will also provide valuable tips on how to prepare your home for sale and methods to consider when marketing your home i.e. auction, private-treaty or off-market methods.

If not moving out of the area, your agent should also be able to help you find your next property. The most important thing is to start a conversation with an agent you trust and to have a realistic price for your property.

Selling First

• Request a 3 month or longer settlement if possible. This will enable time to search for a new property

• Preferred method in a declining market

Buying First

• Have an accurate/realistic price for your own property

• Request a 3-month settlement to allow time to sell your own property (2 weeks to prepare your home, 4 weeks to market/sell and 6 weeks settlement)

• Preferred method in a growing market