Stay Covid Safe this Halloween

We wish you and your children a fun and super safe Halloween tomorrow night! To ensure the wellbeing of our community, please read the following guidelines from NSW Health:

•It should be a front-yard event, not a front-door event (keep it outdoors and have no more than 20 people on your property at any one time)

•Provide closed packaging for treats and instead of communal lolly bowls, consider other ways of distributing treats (e.g. strewn along the front fence, have hand sanitiser at the front gate)

•Trick or treat on a household basis (e.g. a supervising adult and children from the same household), rather than groups of young people together, with a maximum of 30 people gathering outside

•Maintain a 1.5-metre distance between people of different households – don’t all crowd together in a pack

•Keep it local – put effort into decorating the front yard rather than focusing on well-known “treat streets” which attract crowds Don’t share costume face masks

•Stay home if feeling unwell People isolating should not receive Halloween visitors