We have all returned from the Christmas break and it’s right back into it for 2016.

During the Christmas break, I reflected on last year and how it was a big year for me. I not only changed agencies but I entered into a whole new role that I have never done before. I made a list of my tips on how to succeed this year and make it my best one yet.

1. Don’t be afraid – talk to everyone and anyone, if you get knocked back that is fine, get back up and try again. For every knock back you get there will be another owner who will give you the business.

2. Don’t take things personally – every owner selects an agent for their own reason. If they don’t chose you don’t feel it was due to not being experienced enough or they didn’t like you. Sometimes it may just be they already knew someone and it was easier to go with them.

3. Ask for feedback – I always ask for feedback from a landlord, whether or not I get the listing. If it is good feedback, I will ask them for testimonials and if it’s not I take note of it and take it on board.

4. Be remembered – be different from other agents.  I take pride in meeting all clients.  You need to be personalable, as sometimes landlords leave their property for exciting reasons but it can also be for sad reasons such as a divorce.  As an agent, we need to be sensitive and attend to individual needs.  I find my bubbly personality, the fact that I know how to attend to different needs and my entensive experience provide landlords with the confidence to give me their properties to look after. Constant communication is essential, as their property is most likely the biggest purchase they have ever made.

5. If you leave a good impression, people will always remember you, speak highly of you as an agent and most likely refer you to others.

Here’s to a top 2016!