Trust is Essential in Real Estate…

Did you know that nine out of ten home owners in Australia don’t trust agents on a commission based salary, research by YouGov Galaxy has found.

Car Sales Agents were the most distrusted, followed by Real Estate Agents.  The report found that people believed that commission based agents were more likely to use ‘half-truths and misconceptions’ to win business.

With over twenty years’ experience in real estate, we know that trust is key when home owners choose a Real Estate Agent to sell their property.  We advise all owners to check an agent’s testimonials for proof of professionalism and service, before signing a sales agreement.  As Denzel Washington said, “If you don’t trust the pilot, don’t go!”

Having just been awarded Mascot’s No1 Agency by RateMyAgent, we know the importance and value of receiving great testimonials and referrals.  We strive to provide a service above our client’s expectations and when we receive a great testimonial, we know we’ve done our job well.   

Click to see a 20 second video of our latest Buyer Testimonial or read our recent Seller Testimonials below;

“We were blown away by how efficient and warm the service we received was. It really was plain sailing and we couldn’t have hoped for more. Questions were answered quickly and no matter the request, it felt like nothing was too much. We felt very much support and couldn’t be happier!”   Nicola

“I felt respected and valued by John and his team at MyPlace Estate Agents.”   Marina

“John worked hard to sell our house in a difficult market. Very happy with his professional manner and honesty throughout our campaign.”   Sarah

“At a time when the market is flooded with real estate ‘cowboys’ it was refreshing to meet authentic agents who considered all aspects of our individual scenario and guided us to, what I believe to be the best possible outcome. Word of mouth is the most powerful tool in any business and I certainly won’t hesitate to recommend MyPlace and in particular, John and Zoli.”   Sabrina