Working together through recent challenges

Having gone through some of the most challenging times I have seen in my career it is interesting to reflect on the way owners and tenants have worked together to achieve outcomes in the best interest of all which has allowed the tenancy to continue. It is often difficult to be in the middle working for the best outcome for all, yet it has been really humbling in ways to have the trust from our landlords that I have received throughout this period.

It has been really nice to see consideration given to both sides.

The market has still been tough for renting, there are a lot more properties on the market & rents have reduced. This is particularly the case in inner city areas as the demand for these areas has dropped for various reasons – people working from home, no need to be close to city amenities with things closed, no interstate or international relocations.

In general though, the past 1-2 weeks we have seen more activity in the market and would hope that this will continue to increase as restrictions continue to ease. However, now more than ever it is important to ensure you are priced to meet the current market conditions, and presenting your advertisement & property in it’s best possible light such as  photos, video etc and using a really strong marketing campaign which is where we can be of the greatest value will all serve to give your property the best advantage. If needed, take the opportunity to improve the property by painting, new carpet and minor repairs.

We are also constantly monitoring our advertisements to ensure they are staying as a Premier Listing. ( is currently not charging for boosts but not sure when this will end).

Despite it’s challenges we have seen some really amazing collaborating between our clients.  It is great to see our properties being leased again and every time I feel so happy for our landlords because I know how much this means to them and even though the rent may have reduced it is still a great releif to see their properties go to good tenants.