Keeping our Students Fighting Fit

MyPlace in collaboration with the magic motivator Luke Ashcroft at OutX have decided we want to help our HSC students through lock down and keep their minds and bodies fit.

Everyone is learning new ways to move forward but our HSC students are really grappling with missing out on so much. Alongside this they are facing exams that during normal HSC students is enough to stress them out.

We wanted to do our bit to keep them bouyant and fit for the extended HSC season.

So we are delighted to announce that MyPlace and OutX are offering any HSC student access to the OutX on line sessions until the end of the HSC period now extended to 2 December. When we heard the HSC had been further pushed back we did not hesitate in extending our collaboration.

HSC students you are in great hands with Luke and his team.

We admire you all so much and hope this makes your life a little easier by taking some time for you. Please contact Eimear at to receive the link.

Luke and the team at MyPlace.

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