Over the last few weeks we have seen some of the most devastating, gut wrenching and heartbreaking images of natural disasters and war from around the world and here at home. Stories of true heroism, selflessness and community strength light up the darkest of moments. It is difficult to absorb the chaos and confusion we are seeing.

This week the media is playing out the recrimination narrative between governments, officials and flood victims. Plenty of questions left unanswered. Soaring petrol prices, global uncertainty and an impending Federal Election. Oh and don’t forget Easter is just around the corner.

2022 promises to be a very interesting year. The staggering price growth seen since the beginning of the pandemic is unlikely to continue in its current form across all markets. House price growth in 2022 has already began slowing but that is not unexpected.

We are seeing more investors entering the market. Rental values rising and vacancy rates on the decline. As international boarders open we will welcome 200,000 new visa holders to Australia who are likely to be renters in the first instance, increasing further the demand for rental properties in major cities.

Many investors are taking full advantage of the low interest rate conditions – however a cautionary look to the future suggests potential rate hikes, loan repayments & affordability be factored in.

Sandra Higgins

Principal, LREA

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core logic march housing market update sydney


Question is; what is right for YOU and your property journey? Do you need to get specific with clear, implementable steps to your property future?

Are you in overwhelm or suffering “decision inertia?”

Guestimates and estimates a plenty from economists to media gurus but want to know what it all means for YOU?


Need to leverage an expert in regard to your property journey?


What is the next best step for you and your property?


All agents are the same. All they want it to sell my home.

My team and I are here to share our knowledge without the hard sell. We know that building relationships is not a “one night stand” it takes time and hard work.

“Now more than ever I have clients contacting me from further back than I care to remember! But they are asking really informed and insightful questions about their positions. This means that participants in the market or with investments are really switched on and take an active role in their property journey. They often just want a sounding board someone to run their ideas past.” John Higgins

If you would like a no nonsense, honest chat please give Zoli, Nelson or myself a call anytime and we can help you create a path to your future property dreams.

John Higgins 0412 714 279

Zoli Pataki 0410 194 009

Nelson Yen 0477 010 555


Last week the MyPlace Team leased 5 properties in 5 days!

We are receiving multiple applications for almost every property.

What does this mean for investment property owners?

We have qualified tenants that are ready to move ASAP that have missed out on properties in the area.

We are using our tenant database to lease properties off portal. This is saving owners significant advertising costs. Our average days vacant remains at 1 DAY!

When compared to other agencies in Sydney whose average days vacant are 25 DAYS MyPlace owners are seriously saving.

We are talking almost $2000 saved by renting with My Place for some Landlords.

Has your property been sitting vacant on the market? Are you getting the results you want from your current agency?

Contact our Investment Property & Onboarding Specialist Kylie Meier on 0416235971 for a FREE Appraisal or chat about our services.


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