What are your Perspective Shifters?

How often do you get stuck in your thinking? We get caught in moments of our own creating and those moments can turn into hours, days, weeks even lifetimes. In order to stay nimble and light in our thinking and our state we must look beyond our situation, beyond the box that we have created.

As we covered in earlier articles we are prone as humans to arrive at a thought, action or feeling by sheer habit, unconscious filtering, deletions, generalisations and distortions. We make a video in mind of what we believe happened based on our values, history and representational system. We filter in and filter out automatically. How do we we circumvent this? How can we create space around “speed to thought, action or emotion”?

PERSPECTIVE – that’s how

Want some refreshing tips on how to shape and shift your perspective? I have broken it down in to 5 elements. There is no limit to what you can use to shift your perspective but I have chosen the following; Managing Your State, Positivity, Awareness, Curiosity and Emotions. So when you get triggered or if you feel stuck do this:

Immediately say the word Space out load if possible. There is a letting go associated with the word and it will remind you to take a breath and consider your options. Use your 5 fingers to go through the five options. This is a really great tool for the kids. It is easy to explain and understand. Select one that feels right in that moment, the one that will give immediate relief. Drilling down is great when you set aside time to understand yourself, but this is not the time. This is time to learn how to distract yourself. Get up and walk around the situation. Have a good look from other angles. You only need a small shift to create movement. Think chasing pretty butterflies!

Use these perspective shifters to detach from your usual experience allowing you to create new approaches and ways of being.

The quality of your self-enquiry, mental & emotional nutrition and self-support-system will lead to the quality of your experiences in life. Use the tools nature has given you.

Food for thought:

When I want to get out of my own little world I often use music – streaming radio stations can take you to every country in the world. Listening to classical music sends me back in time to when people spoke differently, dressed differently and impressive historical events were marked by gifted composers. I might tune in to an African radio station or go back in time to radio stations of my youth and listen to the different accents. When hanging out washing I think of every female ancestor who no doubt did the same thing but under completely different circumstances. One of the few things we still have in common! Try doing some quadrant work. Go to another persons perspective. Inspiration is everywhere.

Tomorrow – State Management.

Always moving forward.


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