Empowering future leaders in lockdown

A little something special in addition to our free online fitness sessions with Luke at OutX. Our Principal Sandra has prepared an EBook for our HSC students that will present them with some quality mindset and empowerment content along with a sprinkling of Yoga and Aromatherapy.

Students will also receive a book written by one of the most inspiring men on earth who entitled his book “The Happiest Man on Earth” Eddie Jaku. All books have been donated by MyPlace Estate Agents and the wonderfully selfless, human dynamo Rachael Smith. Rachael dedicates so much time to looking after the needs of the community day in day out. She is doing wonderful things for residents during this lockdown period ensuring no family goes without food. This lady never stops.

These young adults are learning lessons that exams cannot teach them.

Do you know a HSC student that needs a little lift? Last thing they are interested in right now is reading more stuff but . . . if they had a handy little toolkit perhaps they might enjoy a peek!

We have put together some thoroughly empowering material that they can flick through, choose something that resonates with them and leave the rest for later.

Try some yoga to relieve stress and tension. Some aromatherapy oils for sleep and study from Jacquelene Sadek Aromatherapist. A sleep tracker, pesky thought worksheet and much much more.

This publication is designed to create perspective for our young leaders who have already shown so much resilience and stamina. Did I mention it was made with love? For your free copy dm me directly.

We also have a couple of packs left over which include a subscription to our magnetic motivator luke Ashcroft at OutX and a copy of Eddie Jaku’s book The happiest man on Earth. Limited packs left. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to feed the minds and bodies of our HSC students 2021.

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